A Case of Identity

Alphabet series using icons from the Sherlock Holmes canon to depict each letter.

It is quite the three pipe problem you see, but do you observe?

Consulting the signs of these four categories (characters, cases, specialties & possessions) deduce if you will the case of identity and you shall be rewarded. It shouldn't take a Greek interpreter to solve this final problem. You know my methods let us put them to the test. The game as they say is afoot!

This project was made as part of a Sherlock Holmes themed Exhibition called,  ‘Elements of the Elementary’ opened August 2nd in White Lady art Gallery, Dublin, Ireland. Running till September.

Using as many aspects of the Victorian Holmes era I used a calligraphy dipping pen and indian inks on parchment paper to create an entire alphabet using icons from the Sherlock Holmes canon as well as two posters depicting quotes from the canon written in the code. In typical Holmes fashion the audience have to use their sleuthing to deduce what the quote is by decoding the alphabet using quotes written in ‘Baskerville’ font under each relative icon.

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